The Syner-G Advantage

Cost Savings

Over the past several years, many inert gases have been steadily going up in price. This increase can add to your manufacturing cost and begin to affect your ability to compete. Syner-G has been proven to save up to 30-70% of total gas usage in many production environments… typically a 6-12 month ROI!

Improve Weld Quality

Syner-G gives you the perfect gas flow that you have been searching for. Instead of the surges and sudden drops in flow you can get from a gas regulator, Syner-G gives a constant, steady flow from the first pull of the trigger. This consistent, steady flow can overcome porosity and other issues found in weld quality, saving thousands of dollars.

Protect Our Environment

Eliminating waste is the essence to thinking ahead to the oncoming generation. Syner-G gives you only the gas you need for your process and no more. This savings in waste will reduce the energy needed for gas manufacturing and transportation. Look ahead!

Save Time

The Syner-G system will save you additional time in set–up by reducing the turn-over of your gas cylinders. The Syner-G system utilizes more of the gas in each cylinder, reducing waste and saving you money. It also eliminates cylinder decay.

Performance Guarantee

It is our commitment that your synergizer will perform as promised. Our sales engineers are trained to see that each synergizer is applied correctly to its specific application. It is our guarantee to deliver both savings and improvement of gas control. We are confident you will prove the benefit of your Syner-G synergizer — or we will give you your money back… Guaranteed!


Syner-G warrants an all-inclusive warranty on all components. Each synergizer comes with a 2 year warranty from date of shipment.

This warranty applies to all items that are properly installed, and operated under normal conditions in accordance to the owner’s manual. Syner-G does not warrant against damages due to unauthorized product modification or if the product is misapplied.

If your synergizer malfunctions for any reason due to manufacturers defects, just send it back for a replacement.