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In today’s world, welding is a sensitive and critical manufacturing process that requires precise engineering for all equipment. Great progress has been made over the last several years in welding power supplies, weld wire and welding gases, all with the view to increase performance, improve weld quality and to save you money. The Syner-G welding regulator and welding gas synergizer system is designed to do all of this and take you one step further towards a perfect world.

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As the cost of many inert gases rise, one of the best ways to save money is to invest in systems that minimize the amount of gas that is used during welding processes. The innovative Syner-G welding regulator and welding gas synergizer system is designed to stop the excess gas that is wasted in typical shielding gas systems. Syner-G systems are so efficient in maintaining control of the gas that is used that up to 28.3% LESS shielding gas is emitted during the welding process while significantly improving weld quality.

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Gas synergizers are on the cutting edge of process gas flow control. This video explains how the Syner-G welding regulator and welding gas synergizer system brings you another step closer to the perfect weld by eliminating excess gas usage while reducing turbulence and porosity, all while saving you money.

Real World Results

We are confident the Syner-G welding regulator and welding gas synergizer system provides our customers with great savings and improved weld quality, but you don’t have to just take our word for it – See what our customers have to say about how Syner-G has benefited their businesses.

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The quality and effectiveness of Syner-G is only the beginning – we also provide superior service. Our team will custom design your system for your specific application and we also offer a performance guarantee and warranty for our products.